7 things I should have done with my mum

My mum recently passed away. And although we don't like talking about death in our western society, I think we should in order to live life fully. Everyone will have to face the death of their mum one day. Hopefully I would like to add, as it means, that you are still alive.

When I was little, my mum and I talked a lot about her death. Mainly because it was just her and me, when I grew up, and there had to be a plan B worked out, in case something happened. But also because she was a nurse and worked with dying people. Therefor I probably was better prepared then most, but still, there are some things, that I wish I would have done, when she was still here. I wish someone had told me.


  • Take a family picture with all of you in it, and some pictures wit you and her in it. Although I have a lot of pictures of my mum, there really is not one of her and me together, let alone one with everyone in it.
  • You know those days, when you go to dinner at your mums place, and she made your favourite dish that brings back all the memories of your childhood? Make her write down the recipe or tell you exactly how she did it, and write it down yourself. Don't get me wrong, I can cook and I learned that from her. But there is little things, like  stuffed wine leaves for example, that I can not do like her.
  • Last week I drove down to the Provence/France with my two teenaged daughters. We went to the place, where my mum went every year, had dinner in her favourite restaurant and just enjoyed a bit of november sun. And although my mum took me there when I was a kid, I wish we would have done another trip together with my girls, for her to show us.
  • When my mum passed away it was on me to inform all of her friends. I met and spoke to some amazing people, who deeply loved and admired my mum. I wish my mum would have introduced me to them, when she was still here. It would have been some beautiful memories, I am sure of it.
  • The thing I miss most about my mum, is her laugh. I don't know if it is just me and I feel really bad about it. But I can't remember the sound of her laugh. I mean of course I remember her giggles, but the actual sound I can not picture, and that makes me very sad. I wish I would have recoded or film her laugh and be happy.
  • And last the most important advice of all. You know what they say is the most important thing when bringing your kids up? Never let go of a hug first. Do the same thing with your mum. This small moment when she hugs you, is the memory that will warm your heart for ever.
  • Have time for her. How many times did I rush in and out of my mums house, not even asking how she was, because I had to run to the next thing? I wish I would have taking just a couple more minutes every time I saw her.

I'll be honest here. My entire jewellery business is dedicated to my mum. I would have never started it without her and I am so grateful for that. She taught me, that paying attention to detail, makes you a better and happier person.

Can you feel her spirit in my designs? I know that people who knew her can, and that makes me proud.