9 good reasons to buy handmade jewelry

There are many reasons to buy handmade items in general and jewelry in particular. Over the last few years the trend to buy handmade jewelry has steadily increased, as it makes the world a tiny bit of a better place. Handcrafted jewelry is timeless and beautiful, but will never go out of style and therefor is an investment in your unique collection.

Need more convincing? So here are 9 good reasons to buy handmade beaded jewelry:

  • The variety of handmade jewelry makes it an outstanding gift idea. From your daughter to your mother in law, every women loves receiving a new piece of jewelry. Look for a jewelry set that includes necklace, bracelet, ring and a pair of earrings, in order to make it a truly fabulous gift. You could even make several presents out of it, say the necklace for her birthday and the bracelet for christmas.
  • Handmade jewelry is an exellent accessory for nearly every occasion, for formal events and business meetings, but also letting your hair down on a night out with your best friends. The variety of and the endless possibilities of combining different pieces allows you to accent your outfit everywhere you go.
  • To achieve your unique style and taste consider buying handmade jewelry.
  • Handcrafted jewelry is unique and not mass produced. It is made with love and passion, therefor each piece has its very own vibrancy.
  • Your handmade jewelry can easily become the signature piece of your collection, that you don’t want to miss anymore. The pieces are so unique that you will get compliments every time you wear it.
  • It is so comfortable to wear, that it becomes effortless to wear. If you are anything like me, you take off all your metall jewelry off the minute you come home. It feels chunky and heavy compared to handmade beaded jewelry. It feels so light and fluid, but is strong and easy to look after, therfor you don’t even feel wearing it.

reasons to by handmade jewelry

  • Handmade beaded jewelry is affordable. There is no big brand or corperation behind it, yet it is handcrafted and therefor of very high quality. This paradox makes it a fine investment for your personal jewelry collection.
  • Apart from the nylon thread, handmade beaded jewelry is sustainable. The main material is glas beads and glas is made out of natural materials. Therefor you don’t have to worry about wether it is fair traid or even blood diaments. It even is vegan, thinking about it.
  • There is a strong correspondance between architecture and handmade beaded jewelry. The same element in various sizes gets repeated in different ways to make the piece. It is like a miniature architectural study, we had to do in the design academy. So if you are into design and architecture you will love the beauty of beaded jewelry.
  • Last but not least, handmade beaded jewelry is longer lasting than you think. The professional threads used today are nearly undestroyable. And if there ever is a broken bead it is easy to repair. 

So here you have it. You will love your piece of handmade beaded jewelry for a lifetime or make a loved one very very happy. Have a look in the shop and

  1. choose your style,
  2. choose your color and
  3. order and recieve your piece of unique jewelry in the post. You will love it, I promise.