Course review: The instagram makeover course by Kat Coroy

Hands down, this is one of the best online courses I have ever gone through. And it changed everything for me.

Kat Coroy is a beautiful human being and a master in making you feel good about where you are right now. Her course then takes you step by step to a level of confidence on your Instagram account, which you didn't see coming nor even possible for yourself.

I absolutely loved going through it and go back into it often, thanks to lifetime access and a loving and supporting group.

Kat Coroy's Instagram Makeover

I wish I could report, that it grew my account overnight and I lived happily ever after. But not yet. 

It did so much more than that. It made me take a very deep look at my business and made me realize, that I wanted a change. At first, it was foggy and fuzzy, like a nagging feeling. 

There was something with selling jewellery that didn't sit quite right. Through having to show up for this business I learned, that real confidence comes from within and you being crystal clear on your path. No amount of jewellery can give you that.

And I realized that's where my passion lies. Moving from stuck to flow and tapping into your inner knowing.

I am so excited to be sharing all of my learnings with women in online businesses, mainly on Instagram, just as Kat taught me. 

And for women who might feel like they are too much of something and getting wronged because of it, I am offering a membership to dive deeper. 

Thank you Kat for the spark that made all of this happen.

PS: making jewellery is still my creative outlet and will stay available for the foreseeable future.