How a different point of view can help you during a crisis to silence your inner critic

It feels weird to live through this crisis, knowing that this is so big it will be a massive change for our future. My 15 years old realized the other day, that her grandchildren will probably ask her, how that felt to have lived through Corona times.
But here is the thing. Like so many other things in our life, we can not control it. And a loss of control always makes us insecure, less confident, and ups the volume on our inner critic.
So here is a powerful tool on how to change your mindset and feel back in control a little bit more. Try and shift your point of view, to see the positive and connecting element of this difficult time. This will make you feel more in control, more confident and silence your inner critic.

                     More confidence through mind shift

In times like this, where things don't work out like we had imagined and planned, the inner critic speaks up the loudest. "See, I told you so" is what he is saying and we tend to believe him because things are a mess. It doesn't have to be a big crisis like the Corona one, it happens every time we feel at a loss.
So here is what you can do about it now.
I am grateful for the crisis showing me that we are dependent on something much bigger than we thought until now.
I am grateful for making me appreciate the luxury, freedom, and health we normally live in. I realize I have taken it granted.
I am grateful for this forced pause, which makes all of us realize how lost we were in the busyness of everyday life. Showing us, how we didn't have time for the things that really matter and showing us what is important.
I am grateful for this crisis showing us how much love and community matter and for making us understand how connected and interdependent we all are.