How to be more confident by practicing vulnerability

Dare to be yourself is the most simple-sounding advice given by Brené Brown. (One of my biggest heroes, check out one of her TED talks here)
While it may sound simple, it sure is the hardest thing I am working on. Vulnerability is the complete contrary of perfectionism, that so many of us, especially us women, are hiding behind. It is saying, I am so sorry, I f***ed up.
To feel more confident in life, we have to practice vulnerability and choose courage. It is not something that will happen overnight. We need to take little steps every day, to show up as ourselves. And this is what can help with practicing.

Admit a weakness and not knowing everything. Start with admitting it to yourself and then to others.
Share a personal experience with others, to show them where and when you failed.
Say thank you, when you really mean it.
Apologize and really mean it for something you did, and forgive yourself for the thing you did.

Allowing yourself to be more vulnerable will deepen connections and make you more confident in the long run. You will hear stories from others, that will show you that everybody f***s up now and then.
You are not alone. And that gives you the confidence to go out there and show the world what you've got, as a real human, far from perfect, but real.