How to measure your body type without getting frustrated

Let me tell you a little secret about myself.
I am nearly fifty (that's not a secret) and I am struggling with my weight. I

t is hard to admit, as I am all for positive body image and against body shaming. But I don't feel comfortable with these extra 3-4 kgs that I can not loose. Being in premenopause makes it impossible to lose any excess weight. Please let me in on your secret, if you did find a way, by commenting below.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been working on my style and towards a capsule wardrobe. See blog posts on what is a capsule wardrobe and the benefits of it here.
In essence, it means finding outfits that complement your personality, complexion and body type. You heard about the different body types, right?

I am a triangle also known as pear-shaped. Meaning my hip measurement is wider than my shoulders.
I found it very hard to follow all the instructions on how to measure which body type I am, mainly because it involves numbers. I find myself comparing those numbers to my old measurements and the "ideal" numbers and fall into this hole of body shame and frustration.

body types without body shaming

To avoid losing my confidence and feeling down for a week, I came up with another idea. Body types are solely about proportions and not about numbers. You can be a pear-shape being super thin as well as touching the plus size.

So here it goes.
Take a piece of string and "measure" around your shoulders, waist, and widest part of your hips. Mark each length of the string somewhere, for example on a table using tape.
Now you have it visually without seeing numbers.

  • If your hips are wider than your shoulders and your waist is a bit smaller, you are a triangle.
  • If your shoulders are wider than your hips and your waist is a bit smaller, you are an inverted triangle.
  • If all measurements are roughly the same you are a rectangle.
  • And if your hips and your shoulders are the same and your waist is smaller you are an hourglass.

No numbers no frustration. Just stating the facts of your body type. Not more not less.

Now you can go ahead and combine outfits that are perfect for your shape and look amazing on you. And even find the right jewelry for you, but that's another post for another Sunday.