Self-care, what brings you joy?

To remember what the things are that bring us joy, observe yourself, zoom out, as if you were watching yourself in a movie, and become aware of what makes you feel good and what triggers you. So you can work on doing more of the one and less of the other.

To be able to listen inward and find out what you need, you have to create space in all areas, body, mind and soul.
Physically, by doing things that allow you to get the feeling of space you could experiment with the following
going for a walk in nature
having a little dance by yourself
taking a bath
get more sleep
drink more water
eat more vegetables
spend time alone


what is self-care?

For your mind, you can experiment with:
a morning routine
reading a good book
gratitude diary
asking for what you need
asking for help
taking a step back
setting boundaries
saying no

and for more emotional space you can play around with:
asking yourself how you feel throughout the day
forgiving yourself
feeling the emotion
stop the "shoulds"
slow down
stop comparing yourself
get curious about your desires
practice responding rather than reacting

and if you want to experiment with what feels aligned for you with your Human Design bodygraph check your cognition and your environment and experiment with what that could look like in your life.