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Self-care, what brings you joy?

To remember what the things are that bring us joy, observe yourself, zoom out, as if you were watching yourself in a movie, and become aware of what makes you feel good and what triggers you. So you can work on doing more of the one and less of the other.To be able to listen inward and find out what you need, you have to create space in all areas, body, mind and soul.Physically, by doing things that allow you to get the feeling of space you could experiment with the followinggoing for a walk in naturehaving a little dance by yourselftaking a bathpaintingget more sleepdrink more watereat more vegetablesspend time alone   For your mind, you can experiment with:a...

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How self-care becomes a priority for women

Let's have a look at your energy level before we start.If you think about your energy level as the content of a fridge, how full is your fridge? Please make a note.And now if you think of the energy level of your business, how full is that fridge? Please make a note.For me, these 2 questions pretty much always had the same answer. If I don't feel energized and have a full fridge personally, so does my business. And this is where the importance of self-care comes in. Because self-care fills your fridge with a variety of lovely and healthy ingredients.    Self-care is not a "treat" that you sometimes deserve, like binge-watching something on Netflix, a glass of wine,...

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How a different point of view can help you during a crisis to silence your inner critic

It feels weird to live through this crisis, knowing that this is so big it will be a massive change for our future. My 15 years old realized the other day, that her grandchildren will probably ask her, how that felt to have lived through Corona times.But here is the thing. Like so many other things in our life, we can not control it. And a loss of control always makes us insecure, less confident, and ups the volume on our inner critic.

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