Why you should read Tara Mohrs book, "Playing Big"

One of the books, which had the biggest input in my life was "Playing Big" by Tara Mohr.
Tara Mohr is an expert on women's leadership and wellbeing. In her book, she provides wisdom and tools for women who want to speak up and create. She is a master is silencing your inner critic and trusting your other inner voice with guiding you through life.
I highly recommend listening to the book rather than reading it. Especially for my favorite bit, where she talks you through a vision. Not sure how that would work if you read it. 

 Playing Big by Tara Mohr

You ly down and close your eyes, while she leads you to meet your future self. So you imagine meeting yourself in 20 or so years. She makes you pay attention to details like how are you dressed, what does your interior look like and what do you spend most of your time with.
Especially now during this crisis, it can be a very helpful exercise. Imagine you can ask her how she got through the crisis and what worked for her to stay trusting and full of hope. How did the world change for her when everything went back to normal or did everything go back to normal? All these questions we have, that no one seems to be able to answer we can ask her. You will see how amazingly reassuring this exercise is and how calm and confident you feel after. I know it might sound like mambo jumbo when you hear me talking about it. But when Tara explains it, it is magical. Just give it a try, I promise it will feel amazing.