Materials I use for my jewelry

Every single piece of jewelry is handmade for you in a small village in Germany. I design and make all of my jewelry myself in a sustainable wooden house, where I live with my family. The beautifully textured look gets created through tiny glass beads, reflecting the tradition of an ancient craft. I use different nylon threads for the stitching and the closure of the bracelets.
The oxidized silver beads are sterling silver coated and oxidized. The coating can rub off over time, so make sure not to wear your rings while gardening. Why choosing to make this color, when it is a bit sensitive, you ask? Because it is stunning and different.
The silver-colored beads are coated in the 'tunnel' so only glass touches your skin. The same goes for the gold-colored ones. These two colors are the perfect jewelry for people who are allergic to metal.
The matte-black beads come like this from the Japanese manufacturer. The color does not change, but they can go a bit shinier when you wear them a lot.
Please have a look at the jewelry care if you have more questions ring me on +49 151 2426 2523