my story

I have been... 

doing the dance my whole life between trying to fit in a box and being the good girl, getting it right this time and rebelling and doing it all and burning out, just to burn it all down again and start from scratch.

I was lucky that although my single mum could have done with some stability in her life, she always encouraged me to follow my heart and go against conventions. Freedom and happiness were always more important than money and status to her.

In my childhood, there was just my mum and me and somehow this made me take responsibility at a very young age. There was always a plan B in our world and this, I am sure of it, made me so solution orientated. Practical solutions without the fluff.

In all fairness, the channel of structuring and my german roots might help here too.



about sharonah luderitz


The irony that I'm the person who is known to empower women to love their multipassionate facetted selves is, that for most of my life I haven't accepted who I truly was and tried to hide it, because I always thought something was wrong with me. Going all the way back to all the what-ifs of a childhood in poverty with a single mum in a small town in Germany.

Let me tell you about the kind of women I work with. You see, my clients have a history of success. They care about others, they love to learn, they grow, and they want to make a difference in the world. My clients are authentic and they are real. They love what they do and they step into their fears, again, and again and again.

But there is a dark side to any gift. Sometimes, just like me, you know that despite all the success you have in the world, it is hard to feel your self-worth deep down inside. Despite all the stories about being a great leader others will tell about you, deep down inside you feel that you don't truly matter.

You can feel a disconnect between who you are on the outside to who you feel you truly are on the inside. You try to handle that by doing it all, but all that creates is stress and burn-out, sucking out the joy in your life, and leaving you with a dark cloud following you around. The lack of hormones that we have to deal with when we become perimenopausal adds to the dull feeling. Your relationships suffer and your friendships dwindle.

When you put your business above everything else, your people may love it but you can pay the price.

If you are a multipassionate and female leader, I've got your back.
I understand what drives you and what is holding you back, and above all, I understand your multipassionateness. And if you want someone in your corner, contact me, and we'll talk.
Sometimes I am a coach, sometimes I am an expert and sometimes I am a friend listening deeply. In the non-linear multipassionate ways there can't be any cookie-cutter approach. My clients learn and pivot fast, and I am here when they need me.

You can book my time for brainstorming about anything regarding business, a VIP day for a deep dive, join me on my Marrakech retreat or anything in between.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.