If you want to know, if you are multipassionate and find out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you,

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As with everything, there are two sides to being multipassionate.

In its healthy expression being multipassionate can be delightful, exciting, adventurous, and rich. You are the inventor, who knows so much about so many things and comes up with simple and creative solutions, by bringing all of it together and blending it in your unique way.

You become oscillating, fascinating, inspiring, and never boring. You are in the flow, fully trusting that wherever your curiosity takes you, will be needed to change the world.

Life becomes a lifestyle, full of freedom, joy, abundance, and spaciousness. Your spark of genius follows your intuition and creates authentic breakthroughs and transformations with ease.

Yet, in its shadow expression, you might feel flakey, overwhelmed, and ask yourself "what is wrong with me" every time you lose interest and get bored. You might label your curiosity as shiny object syndrome and hate yourself for it.

And because of the feeling of not-enoughness and your lack of consistency, you fall into the trap of people pleasing, including coach pleasing, by trying what everyone else thinks is the right thing to do.

You have tried to stick with one thing, niching down and putting yourself in a box but none of it worked. You might end up feeling lonely like I did for a very long time because no one understands your approach to life.

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