Don't worry about sizes

Please rest assured, that you never have to worry about size with my jewelry. I make every piece to order, so I can make it in any size you need.


Perfect if you know the ring size, and it doesn't matter which number you give me, US, french or german.

In case you don't know your size, there is several options:

  • The best way is to get a free cardboard ring sizer in the post. Sign up to my email list and leave your address.
  • Send me a well-fitting ring and I will send it back together with your new ring. This is especially useful if it is a present and ought to be a surprise gift.
  • Go to a local jeweler and have them measure your ring size.
  • Or measure your ring size at home with one of these methods


All bracelets come in one size. 

In order to customize it to your size, please shorten the thread on the closure if it is too long for you. Detailed instructions are on this video.

Earrings & Studs

The reason why earrings make such a perfect present is, that you don't need a size.

As a rule of thumb:

The higher the clothing size the bigger the earrings should be, in order to be in good proportion. 

And the rounder the shape of the face the narrower and longer the earrings should be.


All my necklaces are adjustable by about 1 inch/2.5cm

Please feel free to order to your size by contacting me directly.