the hug


all you need is an understanding hug from a fellow multipassionate.

This is why I created the hug. A collection of perspective shifts, insights and learnings, which helped and still help me along the path to freedom and abundance in business and life.

As you probably know too well from your own experience, consistency is not our strength, but sparks of creativity are. So usually once a month I sit down and record several workshops in one go to add to the collection. I can't tell you when exactly as I am allowing myself to go with the flow.

Everything in the hug thrives to empower you, so you can flourish and thrive with ease and joy. I trust your intuition leads you to exactly what you need to hear, it is non-linear and in no particular order, and you always have access to the entire knowledge base.

small business mentor Sharonah Luderitz

You have the choice to have the support you need, whenever you need it, even if it is 3 o'clock in the morning. The wide variety and ever growing list of tools and mindset shifts, workshops and resources helps you to have the energy to show up and give your business the love it deserves, which will make it consistent and successful over time.

Coming soon: See the ever-growing list of workshops here and sign up when this is one of those moments when you need a hug.

Meanwhile: Take the quiz and see if being multipassionate is your unique magic.