the membership

I am creating the alchemy circle membership and community for female entrepreneurs, because I want to share my experience and support you on your journey as a small business owner.

In my jewellery business, I wanted women to look good and have more confidence. This naturally evolved into this membership where I share what makes you trust in yourself and your inner knowing.

I know now, that making aligned decisions will help you grow into the woman who shares her inner glow. And that it is these women who will change the world.

From my own experience I know how it feels to be lonely in your business, not to have anyone to share your ideas and plans with, without them rolling their eyes.

You don't have to do it alone. We have the technology now to connect with like-hearted women all over the world, so let's do it.

This is a community of compassionate and strong women, who believe in empowerment over competition. 


small business mentor Sharonah Luderitz

I believe in:


Self-worth: Everything starts to shift when you trust, honor and keep the promises to yourself.

Alignment: Life and work need to fit you, not the other way around.

Vision: If you can imagine what is possible, magic will happen.

Possibility: If you can see different possibilities, you will find your path and never feel stuck again.

Travel: it does broaden the horizon in every possible way.

Sustainability: we need to take care of the planet.

Friendship in business: By rising together, we can make the world a better place.


I’m different than other coaches and mentors because I don't teach a system, but share all the things with you, that have helped me to set healthy boundaries and go from survive to thrive in business.

But listen, I’m anything but “normal,” I have worked as a waitress as well as on multi-million projects all over the world. Change is my middle name. And I can help you with the changes that we are all facing.

I fully support weirdness. After all, I’m a creative person and that comes with being curious and constantly learning and then sharing all the learnings with you.

My approach is unique in that you will get to see my mess and my failures, to learn from my mistakes, so that you get to avoid them.

My favorite thing about this work is the deep connection with all the amazing women in the membership. And of course sooner or later meeting them in person in my retreat in Marrakech.


So if you’re ready to experience how it feels to connect the dots in a way that’s true to yourself, let’s talk.


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