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Imagine how it feels to wake up every morning excited to start the day because you have support, feel understood, and have trust that success is inevitable because you have the tools to handle it like a Pro.


               wake up as a successful small business owner

Unlike an online course, a membership grows with you and you get to shape the content as long as you want.

When you join the membership every month you will get

  • Two new pieces of training a month, one every other week so you have time to implement it.
  • Access to all previous pieces of training, so you can pick the ones first, that resonate with you.
  • weekly live Q&A

  • Access to all previous Q&As

Our topics are

  • mindset, so you can handle your fears
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • overcoming self-doubt
  • clarity and structure, for more ease and flow
  • online tools like Canva, so you become independent
  • dream client, so you know exactly who you are talking to
  • marketing yourself, so you can step into the light
  • how to deal with boredom and the constant flow of new ideas
  • how to deal with being multi-passionate
  • human design and how it can bring you peace


You will be part of a members-only community of amazing business women and have a safe space to show up in.

Like a Facebook group but not on Facebook.

All the other amazing women I will be in there to help answer questions, level up your strategy and be there every step of the way.

Additionally, there will be a WhatsApp group exclusively for members.


  • When signing up, you will receive a friendship bracelet from my -connect the dots- jewellery collection as a talisman for your soul, analog and old school in the post. 
  • In your second month, you will get an insight into your human design.
  • In your third month, you can send in your written up business vision and your goals and have a 90 min 1:1 session with me about your vision, including a website audit. 
  • Everyone who is in the membership for 6 months or longer, will get an invitation to book the in person Marrakech retreat, where we connect business with pleasure and build friendships for life.

This girlfriend is MAGIC. See the intinery& the location here.

The benefits and learnings from the connect the dots membership are valued at 1000€/month. This is how much I paid for my coaching.

Your investment in yourself is only 97€/month

Don't wait any longer, join us now.

But what if?

I am so glad you asked. 

  • What if it is not what you expected or need a break? You can cancel or pause anytime.

 I can only offer a maximum of 10 new spots left per month, so sign up now.